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Our Purpose

home grown & community sourced 

MORICEYLON® is a community sourced project founded to address income and nutrition needs of  local communities. We fund, advice, connect markets and share information to encourage underprivileged families to grow moringa trees to supplement their daily nutrition and income needs. 


While we continue to inspire local communities to maximise under-utilised resources, we believe this initiative will contribute to the national programs of combating malnutrition, improving family health and human capacity, empowerment of women, promoting social equity, and preserving indigenous knowledge and culture.

MORICEYLON pursue on innovative ideas creating 100% natural and simple food solutions using local knowledge, research and modern technology to fulfil daily nutrient requirements of busy lifestyles. As a result, we have introduced new technology, a cold drying method to ensure quality, edibility and the nutritive value of food remains intact of all community sourced material allowing food to be stored in a fit to consume condition for future use. 

The Miracle Tree, Moringa Oleifera


Native to Sub Himalayan region, Moringa tree is referred by many names. Commonly known as horseradish, drumstick and 'murunga', leaves are a highly nutritious source of essential amino acids. Moringa oleifera leaves and pods are widely consumed to supplement diets and moringa seeds, bark, roots, sap, and flowers are extensively used in Ayurveda through different processing like juice and powder to assist treating and preventing diseases (1), perhaps making moringa tree the most important in an ever-warming world, with its drought resistant and water purifying ability.

Why MORICEYLON® products?

MORICEYLON products are 100% natural, slow cold dried for 15 hours at 7% moisture to retain all natural nutrients of our moringa leaves. MORICEYLON moringa leaf powder; tea and capsules are free from binders, artificial colors, excipients, fillers, artificial or natural flavors, sweeteners and preservatives.  All our products are produced in an allergen (food) free environment, supervised and lab tested by Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka (ITI). All MORICEYLON products are vegan, gluten and caffeine free, packed in high quality food grade packaging to preserve all its natural goodness.

corporate information

Business Name: eTosh Global Private Limited

Date of incorporation: 13 August 2013

Business Registration No: PV94045

Business Address: No.55/2, Paraduwa Galpatha, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.12005

Official Bankers: Sampath Bank PLC/ Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

Corporate Auditors: Dias Associates, Chartered Accountants

Company Secretary: DA Company Secretaries Pvt Ltd

Phone: +94 77 431 6238 | +94 34 222 7334

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